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Traces of the past

Graffiti, drawings, impacts... Set off in search of clues to the past at the fortress of Salses.

A real treasure hunt!

These traces of the past can be classified into three themes: impacts, graffiti and drawings. You'll see them from the outside of the fortress to the dungeon, on a guided tour.

The impacts you'll see when you look up were called by Vauban "the tingle of cannonballs against the walls".

Some of the graffiti can be found in the Place d'Armes, others in the courtyard. For example: Taulier Simeon, born in Thuir in the Pyrénées-Orientales, soldier in the fortress, engraved his first and last name near the bakery.

The drawings are hidden in the dungeon, in the governor's dining room. Drakkar or galley, you be the judge!

Whether you choose a guided or self-guided tour, it's your turn to explore the traces of the past.

Graffiti TAULIER SIMEON 1843
Graffiti TAULIER SIMEON 1843


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