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Fort de Salses, bastillon nord-ouest, courtine nord et donjon; à l'arrière-plan, les Pyrénées

Discover the most beautiful views of the fortress of Salses!

You've passed through a barbican, a half-moon, three standing bridges and a bend in the wall, and now you're in for a complete surprise - you never expected to see the fortress like this!

How about a bit of height? Take a guided tour of one of the fortress terraces.

You'll dominate the south face. Let your gaze sweep over the ponds, the village of Salses-le-Château and admire the upper parts of the fortress, rounded and built of brick to bounce the cannonballs.

From the corridors or in the tower, take a peek through the gunports into the moat (not a moat, as there's no water!): the perspective is astonishing.

Don't forget to climb up onto the terrace of the courtyard, where you can admire the entire Place d'Armes, its arcades and passageways. How about a selfie for the whole family or just the two of you?

La place d'armes en regardant par le donjon
La place d'armes en regardant par le donjon


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