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An imposing keep

Forteresse de Salses, front ouest

Don't miss the command post, the governor's residence at the fortress of Salses!

All you can see is me! Who am I? The dungeon!

I'm also known as the tribute tower.

I'm astonishingly shaped, semi-circular on the outside, flat and rectangular on the inside.

I reach a height of 26 metres. I have 7 levels, but only 3 can be visited with a guide.

I was once the governor's command post and residence. I was equipped with comforts worthy of great palaces: fireplaces, latrines, water.

To reach my heart, you had to pass through low-vaulted, narrow corridors, a veritable labyrinth. I still have inner courtyards, drawbridges and even armored doors.

I'm a defense system unto myself!

I served as a state prison during the reign of Louis XIV, as well as a powder magazine.

I'm a majestic, imposing sight when viewed from the terrace or from the Place d'Armes.

Vue du donjon côté ouest
Vue du donjon côté ouest


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